360° Protection
We Secure
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We protect lives and assets in crisis areas attaining excellence in security and risk management through expertise, technology and a holistic approach.
360° Protection
We Protect
Enabling activities in high-risk situations through comprehensive personal protection. We provide ser- vice-oriented, tailor-made personal protection based on country security analysis as well as security training for clients who are exposed to a high level of risk.
360° Protection
We Secure
Enabling business operations in complex environments by establishing an optimal level of security. We provide integrated security solutions based on our proven risk analysis and management framework for clients who need to conduct business in a reduced-risk environment.
360° Protection
We Train
We train security personnel on the basis of comprehensive, first-class and practical training programs in accordance with internationally certified standards.

Risk and Security Management

In a complex world, a 360° approach is needed to identify risks at an early stage and avert potential dangers. Risk factors that are constantly changing and beyond control require continuous and anticipatory analysis. As a holistic solution, security concepts must integrate all security aspects and adapt dynamically to changes.

Your partner for intelligent and complete security solutions

RS/M is a Saudi risk and security management company for comprehensive security solutions. We offer a broad range of services in the areas of consulting, management and security services. From risk analysis and management to physical protection, from crisis management to specialist training and from technical security management to security investigations, we provide first-class, service-oriented, holistic security solutions.

Although RS/M is new to Saudi Arabia, we already have many years of experience in international security assignments as players in high-risk environments such as Iraq and South Africa. Through our close and lasting cooperation with an international operating security company, we also have the industry-relevant international standards and certificates as well as internationally recognized training programs. This enables us not only to meet international requirements, but also to offer security solutions based on proven practical knowledge. With our internationally experienced team, we are able to identify individual risks and minimize them through holistic security solutions.

Our Services

Our experts have the highest qualification according to both international and national standards and are continuously trained for deployment in crisis areas. Most of our employees come from elite units, have a police or military background with long and varied experience in the security sector and are recognized specialists in their field.

With backstage experience in various sectors such as diplomacy, energy, defense, airports or NGOs and on the ground networks, we are a trusted security partner for companies, organizations and public institutions as well as for exposed persons and their families

Physical Security
– personal protection
– close protection
– static guards
– mobilesecurity
– convoyescort
– projectmanagement
Risk Management
– threat & risk analysis
– securityplansandsystems
– riskmanagement
– crisis response and journey management plans
Specialist Training
– security specialist training
– military training
– law enforcement training
Security & Crisis

– extortion
– kidnap and ransom
– terrorism
– business travel management
– threat
– evacuations from crisis areas
– hostile environment awareness training

Technical Security Management
– perimeter security
– access control systems
– Intrusion alarm systems/ hold-up alarm system
– cybersecurity
– border security systems
– background checks
– counter-intelligence
– reconnaissance
– screenings
– security investigations
K9 Services
– explosive detection
– package search
– building sweeps

Our Standards

Our daily work is guided by best practice and good governance, and we are committed to the highest ethical standards. RS/M and its international partner are fully licensed in all areas of activity and comply with all applicable international and national laws and regulations.

Our personnel have the highest qualifications according to international as well as national standards. They come from elite units, have a police or military background and have many years of diverse experience in the security sector.

Our Mission

To help organizations and individuals pursue their business activities successfully, by delivering holistic security solutions.

Business activities in complex environments require secure conditions to be carried out. We provide our clients with tools and capabilities to analyze, identify and mitigate risks and to avert dangers – whether they are corporate clients, government or private clients.

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